Leaderboards, and Xbox Preview Dashboard Sign In

In our release that is getting published right this minute we were able to add global leaderboards!  Each single player level will now have its own separate leaderboard for you to compare your high score versus the world!  So, go ahead, go out there and get a better score than your friends!

Also in this release, which is version 7.0.something.or.other.too.many.to.count, Xbox was able to issue a patch for Xbox Preview Dashboard users.  Something wasn’t communicating correctly and those users were not able to sign in to the game (or any other Creators Collection game for that matter).  Unfortunately, Xbox Live requires you to sign in to play, so that kind of stunk for those players.  We have added in the patch, and it should hopefully fix the problem for these users.  Xbox plans to release a bigger update for all Preview Dashboard users that would accomplish the same thing, but we knew we had some upset players who spent good money on our game, and we don’t want them to wait any longer!  If you had this issue, and this patch still does not solve this problem for you, please email us at contact@tresirisgames.com and we will report it to Xbox.  Unfortunately that is one of the random costs of using beta software.  Oh well.

Now go out there and show everyone your high scores!


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