Major updates for Extrorb – Halloween Edition!

We are finishing up some major updates for Extrorb – Halloween Edition with new controls, new enviroment effects and a new level!

First the controls… We locked everyone down into a single camera angle when there was really no reason for it. Why be like other aley roller games when we really are nothing like those other games?!? Now you can adjust your camera view with the mouse or right thumbstick depending on which controls/platform you are using. This also means there is a little more room to explore each level.

Now for the new level! What Halloween game or movie is acceptable without a cemetary scene? Exactly, not one. So, making use of some of our cool new enviroment effects from Enviro and some terrain tools from Gaia, we have built a fun and creepy new level for you to enjoy. Just watch out for the exploding pumpkins.

We are finalizing everything now, look for the update soon!

– Nick

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