Free new Halloween level!

We've added a COMPLETELY FREE, spooky new level to kick off October, with a few tricks and treats to get you excited for Halloween! Graveyard is a chilling new atmosphere where not everything is as it seems. Pumpkins stare at you menacingly, and something gooey emits a bright green glow from within the open graves.... Continue Reading →

We are working on the sequel to Extrorb! Check back for sneak peeks and updates! Be prepared for even more extreme levels and new features! The post image is the first sneak peek of the new level Drop Zone! With multiple rotating targets below the starting platform, this will prove to be a very challenging... Continue Reading →

Extrorb – Halloween Edition!

Tresiris is ready for Halloween! For a special treat(or trick perhaps?) we have created a few new spooky levels for your enjoyment! Check out Extrorb - Halloween Edition in the Microsoft Store! This is a totally separate game that does not require the original Extrorb Skeeball (although we would be shocked if you didn't already... Continue Reading →

Take a spin on this new level…

  One more level that will make it into the next update is literally a spinning target!  This one was a little more difficult to put together but overall is lots of fun.  I have made both a single player and local multiplayer version.  Building right now and as long as nothing goes horribly wrong... Continue Reading →

Extrorb is now available on Xbox One!

We worked hard to get Extrorb onto the Xbox One and it is now ready for everyone to enjoy!  Along with Xbox One compatibility we added in the new traditional style arcade level with slightly different physics.  With the traditional style there is no "in air" movement.  Once you jump off the ramp everything depends on... Continue Reading →

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