Star Fall is back on Android!

We spent a little time getting our very first game, Star Fall, updated on Android and it is now available to download! Check out the new interface and enjoy the updated game play and music. Links to both the Google Play Store and Microsoft Store are available in the Games section.

Block Dropper Skins!

We borrowed some code and materials from Extreme Skeeball and added the ability to choose player skins!  This works for single player and multiplayer Block Battles!  Skin preference is saved so if you find one you like it will stay set for the next time you play. Also in this release we improved some of... Continue Reading →

Take a spin on this new level…

  One more level that will make it into the next update is literally a spinning target!  This one was a little more difficult to put together but overall is lots of fun.  I have made both a single player and local multiplayer version.  Building right now and as long as nothing goes horribly wrong... Continue Reading →

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